Role of Google My Business (GMB) in Your Digital Marketing Journey

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Role of GMB in Digital Marketing

Role of Google My Business (GMB) in Your Digital Marketing Journey

If you are a business owner, mostly you would have a Business Profile as well on Google. Creating Business profiles or Google business listing helps you with the online visibility of your venture. But just creating a Business Profile is not enough if you look forward to reaping the benefits of local SEO and lead generation. For this, you would require optimizing your business profile, in the Google My Business (GMB) account which is a free tool. The advantages of having a GMB account are beyond grabbing views or receiving clicks.

Let us have a quick glance at the details


Puts you in front of customers

Google My Business basically shows the details like address, working hours, services, logo, etc. But keep in mind to provide updates on changes in working hours, add-ons in services, offers currently going on, events, etc. to constantly engage with the customers. As your business evolves make sure to update accurate details as well. Uploading photos, posts, etc. on GMB like any other social media channel will signal to Google that you are active. This also helps Google to pair searchers with your business. Another important point to mention is the legitimacy and authenticity you could establish with help of the Reviews and Question and Answers section of GMB.

Aids your business to show up on Google map

To get complete access to manage your GMB account and your business profile, you will need to locate your Business profile on Google Maps as well. The details available on Google My Business account along with Google Maps complements each other and provides your business better visibility among prospective customers and internet searchers.

Provides basic and important information to customers

It is a significant and crucial point to provide complete and accurate details in your GMB profile. For example, details like website, address, telephone number, business hours, business overview, products/services, etc. Also, make sure to double-check that the links provided to your website, and different social media platforms are correct and redirect to the corresponding page. These are the small and basic details that need to be focused on to create the best impression.

Best partner for your local SEO

An optimized and verified Google My Business account offers a better chance for your business to appear at the top of search results and helps to improve your website ranking. Google My Business helps in local SEO if you strategically use keywords. Incorporating keywords in the GMB description, review responses, answers to raised questions, posts, etc. will do the trick with local SEO and expand your reach.

Now, you know the extent to which a Google My Business account is important for you as a business owner. And if you need help with the GMB and your Digital Marketing journey, get in touch with us –


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